Resilient Reivers run Hillhead close in Glasgow

Hillhead 5

Fjordhus Reivers 3

REIVERS’ hockey team travelled to Jordanhill in Glasgow to play Hillhead Ladies with 11 players and no substitutes available.

Nevertheless, the Borders ladies started the game positively and good interplay allowed Morven Cawthorn and Kirsty Millar to press the Hillhead defence.

On 14 minutes the ball passed through several players to find Kirsty Millar at the back post to score the opener.

Reivers, with Scotland Under-18 player Emily Newlands at the back, handled a spell of pressure well and repelled attacks with good front stick and player marking. From a speculative sweep pass, however, the ball caught a stray foot and a goalkeeping misunderstanding saw it go softly into the net. Half-time 1-1.

Only a minute into the second half, after great play from Leia McKinnon, Reivers were awarded a penalty corner. Newlands caught a straight strike into the bottom left of the net to take Reivers ahead again.

However, the next 16 minutes proved a difficult period and weak defending saw Hillhead notch two goals to take the lead.

On the 20-minute mark a sweep pass from Janet Jack at the 23m line sped to Elena Lunn at the back post, who coolly slotted the ball past the onrushing keeper to level the scores.

In hindsight Reivers should have closed everything down, but they pressed for another. With the Hillhead team urged on by their supporters, they pushed forward once again, and in the space of 10 minutes had scored another two goals.

The game looked gone for the Reivers, but tenacity shone through and in the last minute they were awarded three penalty corners which were all defended successfully.

Fjordhus Reivers: S. Tennant, E. Newlands. Z. Higgins, J. Wilson, J. Jack, P. Bell, M, Cawthorn. K. Millar, L. McLean, E. Lunn, L. McKinnon.