Reivers rout in League Cup

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Borders pool teams returned following a festive break with the four group stages of the League Cup to vie for.

Reivers B blew away High Level B to top group A, with Station not playing, while the match of the night saw the top two in Division One clash at the Ship where Reivers A sealed group B against a toiling Ship A team. Dryburgh edged out Ship B in the other game.

In group C, High Level A trounced the Bridge A and are looking good for qualification, while Waverley A are almost guaranteed to top group D after winning a local derby with Frankie’s. Niki’s B kept alive their slim hopes by overcoming the Fleece at Selkirk.


Group A: High Level B (Hawick) 2 Reivers B (Gala) 7. Group B: Ship A (Melrose) 2 Reivers A (Gala) 7; Dryburgh (Newtown) 5 Ship B (Melrose) 4. Group C: Bridge A (Gala) 1 High Level A (Hawick) 8. Group D: Fleece (Selkirk) 3 Niki’s Bar (Gala) 6; Waverley A (Hawick) 7 Frankie’s (Hawick) 2.