Reivers lose against the run of play

Fjordhus Reivers 1 Grange VI 2


DESPITE the sleet forecast it was a relieved Reivers side that took to the Tweedbank pitch after last weeks game was cancelled.

Having been well beaten in the previous away fixture a better performance was required. It was with renewed confidence that the men started and were able to push back a usually well drilled and organised Grange side. The Reivers were playing some of the positive hockey they have been looking for all season but finding hard to sustain.

Through playing at pace, with some accurate passing, they were able to pull holes in the Grange set up but unfortunately were unable to capitalise on several openings.

It was against the run of play that the visitors were able to win a penalty corner and convert from a straight strike. At 1-0 down at half time Captain Fletcher encouraged his troops to double their efforts to control a winnable game.

The second half started with a midfield battle with both sides struggling for control. Graeme Lofthouse and Callum Stockdale were to the fore worrying the Grange defence on the break as they tried to control the pace and accuracy of the attacks. Reivers were unlucky not to convert from a series of penalty corners and a break in which Lofthouse should have had a penalty flick when through on the keeper.

Again it was from a rare counter that Grange scored their second goal from a well worked penalty corner.

This spurred the Reivers on to attack more with the game opening up. One score was disallowed due to the ref spotting a foot in at the build up but shortly afterwards Callum Stockdale took the ball on the break beat his man and made it to the by-line to slot a deft pass between the last defenders legs for Jamie Lamb to score at the back post.

This led to a tense last 10 minutes as Reivers looked for the leveller and Grange looked for safety. Chances came and went but none were converted.

This was a much improved performance by the Reivers who were starting to show improved confidence in possession as well as work rate, with some of the less frequent faces showing their worth. All that remains is to turn this into league points.

Fjordhus Reivers: S. Young, C. Stockdale, P. Conkie, S. Conkie, S. Girvan, J. Fletcher, J. Bure, P. Gibson, R. Lawler, G. Lofthouse, C. D. Stockdale, J. Lamb.