Reivers come from behind twice to gain expected win

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Falkirk 2

Reivers 3


On paper, Reivers were the stronger team, having beaten Falkirk in their last meeting.

However, things did not start well.

Perhaps it was the chilly wind blowing against them in the first half, but the Borderers appeared nervous and did not control the game. Falkirk pressed hard and were awarded a short corner which resulted in the first goal.

Despite sterling efforts from the midfield and strikers, Reivers had to battle to get an equaliser – which was slotted away after a goalmouth guddle by the determined Tim Watkin.

Frustration crept in as the first half continued.

The visitors pushed too far forward and were caught out by a counter-attack from Falkirk who managed to circumvent the waiting defence and once again led.

A series of defensive changes and the welcome return of Dave Johnson brought a more settled period of play for the Reivers. Once again Watkin’s efforts were rewarded with a further goal going into the break with both sides evenly matched.

The captain’s stirring half-time talk required the team to focus on short passes and maintaining possession.

He said: “We cannot keep driving down the centre of the pitch. We need to distribute the ball to the wings more.”

The second half started with renewed vigour.

Reivers maintained possession and kept the ball in Falkirk’s half, but again struggled to convert chances into goals. With both sides taking chances in the hope of a victory, the game was truly end-to-end action.

Reivers did finally score a third goal, giving Watkin his hat-trick.

However, the last 10 minutes of the match were very tight and while Reivers won, neither side finished in particularly good humour.

Reivers: P Cairns (Cpt), S Young, P Conkie, R Jackson, S Ramsay, S Pitman, G Lofthouse, T Watkin, S Girvan, J Fletcher, A Bell, D Johnson.