Pub league sends temperatures up

All roads (well the one down the High Street anyway) led to Selkirk Bowling Club last Friday night as the opening round of the 2014 Pub League got under way.

Pity the conditions of some of those playing didn’t match up to the weather.

The hapless hacks at The Southern got off to a hopeless start in their match against the Babychams, although did pick themselves up a bit in the latter stages.

Also struggling with the pace were the Town Arms team who were given a sound thrashing by the Hot Shots.

Results: Southern Reporter 9 Babychams 17; Merchant Co 15 Colonials 10; Hot Shots 21 Town Arms 8; Masons 13 Ex-Standard Bearers 11.

Tonight’s fixtures: Hot Shots v Merchant Co; Southern v Town Arms; Babychams v Ex-Standard Bearers; Colonials v Masons.

l Last Saturday saw Selkirk BC hold its open triples, a much more civilised competition.

Played in excellent conditions once again, the winning triple was Colin McKinnon, Rob Kelly and Ian Borthwick who defeated Pat Houston, Hazel Scott and Isobel Downie in a very close final.

Selkirk Bowling Club would like to thank Chris Lightfoot from First Class Marquees for his continued sponsorship.