Profiling Borders ASP athletes Week 2:

Kirsty Armstrong swimming.
Kirsty Armstrong swimming.

Age: 13

HomeTown: Kelso

Sport: Swimming

Position/Discipline: Individual medley, butterfly

Club/Team(s): Borders Elite Swimming Team and Kelso Amateur Swimming Club

Coaches: Borders performance coach Alex Jordan; Kelso ASC coaching team – Caroline Brown, Katrina Hope and Karen Armstrong

Your own best moment in sport so far: Winning gold at the 2012 British Age Group Championships. It was very pleasing to know that I made myself and my coaches proud and had achieved one of my goals

Aims for the next 12 months: Train hard and win the Scottish Junior title (16 and under) for the 400m individual medley

Who in sport most inspires you and why: Hannah Miley, because she has achieved everything in swimming that I would like to achieve

Fav TV sporting moment of all time: When Ryan Lochte beat Michael Phelps in the 400m individual medley at London 2012

Best thing about your sport: Everything (even getting up at 4.15am)

... but dislike: Choking on the water

Venue at which you most aspire to compete: To compete in the Olympic pool in Rio 2016

If not in this sport, would like to compete in: Diving, because it looks really good fun

Current most played song or track on your i-pod or MP3: Carly Ray Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe, because I always picture the American swim team dancing away to it before London 2012

... but turn off/leave the room to: Eminem. He swears a lot

Competition superstition or odd routine: I feel like one of my race suits gives me luck. Also my lucky socks

When not competing or training I like to: Play with my dogs, chill and watch dvds

My fantasy off-season holiday would be: A nice hot island like Mauritius, where I can relax for as long as I want to