Profiling Borders ASP athletes

ASP Athlete Toby Douglas
ASP Athlete Toby Douglas

Your best moment in sport so far: Competing for Scotland Youth in Ireland, it was a great experience all round.

Aims for the next 12 months: To gain experience at the British Open and British age-group competitions this summer.

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Athlete Support Programme logo

Who in your sport has inspired you most and why?: Michel Phelps, as he changed the way people think about swimming.

Fav sporting moment of all time as a spectator: Watching Dan Wallace, a former Duns ASC swimmer, swim at the Commonwealth Games in 2014, and lift gold.

Best thing about your sport: It’s indoors so you don’t need to worry about the weather, although most competition pools are quite cold.

What do you do to “tune-in” immediately before a competition?: Usually I put my earphones in and blank out anyone and everyone until it’s time to talk to my coach.

If you had the chance to change one thing in your sport, what?: The time you have to get up for training. 6am is the norm not the exception. It’s surprising how you wake up when you hit the water.

Venue at which you most aspire to compete: The Olympic pool in London. Although the next event at the London Aquatic Centre in April is the British Open, which I have qualified for.

If not in this sport, would like to compete in: Anything with an adrenaline rush. My two ambitions outside swimming are to skydive and bungee jump, which I can now do since I am 16.

Current most-played song or track on your i-pod or MP3: Imagine Dragons remix.

... but can’t stand: Stupidly loud people.

Other interests away from my sport: Sleep, food and warm weather.

Fantasy away day (all-expenses paid): Skydiving into Dubai, getting in a car and heading straight to Yas Marina F1 race track, then driving every car under the sun.