Philiphaugh event attracts athletes of all abilities

Philiphaugh run.
Philiphaugh run.

NUMBERS more than doubled for the second staging of the annual Philiphaugh Hill Run on Sunday with 182 runners, joggers and walkers of all abilities and ages taking part.

The introduction of the seven-mile route encouraged a lot of club runners from the Borders as well as further afield such as Portobello Running Club, Bellahouston Road Runners and Tinto Hill runners.

The race started very competitively with a gruelling uphill climb to the Three Brethren.

There was a short respite before heading up again onto Foulshiels Hill and then down to Tibbieshiels and a long descent to the finish. Conditions were very wet and muddy underfoot, but everyone finished unscathed albeit a bit dirty.

The four-mile event saw a great mixture of fitness fanatics to fun runners with all ages taking part. Walkers joined in too.

The youths ran away with the shorter distance prizes, however, with a trio of under-16s in the top five.

The route was not to be taken lightly as it involved an ascent up to the reservoir and a further, killer climb up to Tibbies before heading down to the finish.

Main sponsor Stark Main & Co presented the prizes to the winners at Selkirk Rugby Club with spot prizes also kindly donated by local businesses.

Organiser Sheila Cochrane told TheSouthern: “A great time was had by all. The weather was kind to us and allowed everyone to take in the fantastic scenery, if they had time to lift their heads.

“A huge thank you goes to all our helpers and sponsors. The day raised £1,275 for the Selkirk Play Park Project.

Results – Seven-mile race (total entries, 85). Gents: 1, Fergus Johnston 47.22 minutes; 2, Darin Dougal 47.43; 3, Paul Faulkner 48.20.

Ladies: 1, Kim Threadgall 55.11; 2, Sarah Oneill 55.51; 3, Ruth McKean 56.26.

Four-mile race (total entries, 97). Gents: Rowan Marr 24.46; 2, Thomas Otton 25.12; 3, Felix Otton 25.16.

Ladies: 1, Jo Arres 30.26; 2, Zoe Pflug 33.50; 3, Lynne Stanger 34.10.