Oxton sprint win for Jed’s Craig Grieve

Oxton games 2014. 110m final winner.
Oxton games 2014. 110m final winner.

Gents fashion salesman Craig Grieve cut a handsome dash on Saturday when cruising to victory in the main sprint event at Oxton Games.

Having won the Invitation Sprint at St Ronans Games the previous weekend the 22-year-old from Jedburgh flew out of the blocks again to take the 110m title at the Justicehall Haugh track.

Lining up against David McKay (Kelso) 14m, Greg Turnbull (TLJT) 3m; Fraser Neil (Kelso) 7.5m, Connor Hedley (Bedlington) and Tommy Finkle (TLJT) 13.5m the TLJT athlete, running from his mark of 5 metres, was focussed from the start and hit the tape in a time of 11.34 seconds to take the honours.

Full Games report and pictures in Thursday’s Southern Reporter.

Youths’ B 90m: 1, E. Brus (TLJT) 32.5m; 2, M. Johnstone (Jed AC) 32; 3, E. McKean (Hawick) 27.5m. winning time: 9.43 seconds.

Youths’ A 90m: 1, P. Robertson (TLJT) 13m; 2, D. Graham (Hawick) 6m; 3, C. Caldwell (TLJT) 7m. 9.63 seconds.

800m Open: 1, S. Fraser (Hawick) 65m; 2, A. Thompson (Jed AC) 65m; 3, J. Taylor (Hawick) 85m. 1 minute 54.84 seconds.

110m Open: 1, C. Grieve (TLJT) 5m; 2, T. Finkle (TLJT) 13.5m; 3, F. Neil (Kelso) 7.5m. 11.34 seconds.

Youths’ 800m: 1, O. Rodden (Jed AC) 290m; 2, E. Cooper (Jed AC) 320m; 3, J. Amos (Jed AC) 170m. 1 minute 54.24 seconds.

Youths’ B 200m: 1, B. Cowan (Jed AC) 50m; 2, M. Johnstone (Jed AC); 3, M. Hope (Hawick) 62m. 22.78 seconds.

Youths’ A 200m: 1, C. Fisher (Jed AC) 25m; 2, C. Gillan (Kelso) 17m; 3, D. Graham (Hawick) 14m. 22.62 seconds.

200m Open: 1, G. Keen (Selkirk) 32m; 2, J. Beattie (Rosyth); 3, K. Redpath (East Kilbride) 51m. 20.81 seconds.

1600m Open: 1, A. Laurie (Selkirk) 385m; 2, J. Thomson (Glenrothes) 205m; 3, C. Rendle (Innerleithen) 165m. 4 minutes 13.15 seconds.

Youths 1600m: 1, C. Angus (Leithenburn) 350m; 2, T. Otton (Gala Harriers) 150m; 3, M. Smith (Leithenburn) 400m. 4 minutes 25.90 seconds.

Hill Race: 1, D. Hastie (Kelso); 2, M. Sutherland; 3, N. Williamson; 4, K. Murray (Hawick). 1st Female: P. McAdam.