On their marks

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FORTY-SIX Borders athletes will get on their marks in Dunfermline on Sunday for the inaugural running of the Pitreavie Gift 100m sprint (see feature on page 21).

With a prize of £1,000 up for grabs, the race has attracted 108 runners over 18 heats, with many more waiting on the reserve list.

It will be held on the tartan track at Pitreavie Sports Complex. The main sprint event for seniors will be backed up by a 200m, 90m veterans, 800m, 1,600m and a whole host of youths’ races which again feature many local runners.

2012 Pitreavie Gift 100m marks (Borderers only): Greg Turnbull (TLJT) Scr; Geoff Keen (Selkirk) 9m; Martha Douglas (Jed AC) 18m; Angus Stanners (TLJT) 4m; Stacey Downie (West Linton/Edinburgh AC) 8.5m; Ross Weir (Hawick) 16m; Drew Bryson (Hawick) 17.5m; David McKay (Kelso) 10m; Linda Nicholson (Peebles) 20m; John Steede (TLJT) 21; James Park (TLJT) 8.5m; Darrin Scott (TLJT) 9m; Iskan Barskanmay (Jed AC) 2m; Darren Tomlinson (Jed AC) 10m; John Paxton (Hawick) 12m; Craig Robertson (Gala) 2.5m; Callum Murray (TLJT) 4m; Colin Bruce (Selkirk) 8m; David Rae (TLJT) 6m; Craig Douglas (Selkirk) 19.5m; Seb Harrison (Jed AC) 2.5m; David Edwards (TLJT) 7.5m; Scott Richardson (Jed AC) 5.5m; Charlie Cochrane (TLJT) 6m; Paul Ferguson (TLJT) 6.5m; Kyle Potts (TLJT) 8.5m; Craig Grieve (TLJT) 3m; Craig Bruce (Selkirk) 10.5m; John Glen (Gala/Edinburgh AC) 3m; Lee Marshall (TLJT) 3m; Cam Grieve (TLJT) 5.5m; Dylan Ali (TLJT) 7m; David Hush (Hawick) 16m; Greg Bouglas (Hawick) 5m; Marc Cockburn (Selkirk) 9.5m; Luke Lowther (Jed AC) 13m; Lee Goodfellow (TLJT) 8m; David Grieve (Hawick) 12.5m; Stephanie Common (TLJT) 18m; John Fleming (Kelso) 6m; Charlie Wilson (TLJT) 7m; Amy Clancy (Peebles) 13.5m; Bruce Scott (TLJT) 13.5m; Graeme Scott (TLJT) 5.5m; David Lauder (Hawick) 8.5m; Tommy Finkle (TLJT) 10.5m.

Marks for all other senior and junior events can be found at www.pitreaviegift.co.uk/race-handicaps