On-form Thirds hit Linlithgow for six

Fjordhus Reivers III6

Linlithgow II0

Fjordhus Thirds continued their challenge for the East Division 3 title on Saturday, with pressure on Linlithgow’s defence from the off.

An early penalty corner saw Claire McCall get the first goal.

Fjordhus’s youngsters showed great maturity and the midfield players Caitlin Wright, Julia Corcoran and Katy Nimmo controlled play well throughout, with some lovely passing creating opportunities for their forwards. Further goals from Leona Porteous (2), Wright and Nimmo saw Reivers lead 5-0 at half-time.

The visiting defence did well to limit the damage to one further goal, from Jenny Sharp. On the rare occasion they got the ball out of their own half, their forwards were denied any chance by some very determined and solid defensive play from Emily Rogers and Katja Van Der Heyden.

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