No January blues for rampant Reivers

Reivers 7

Kinross 2


THE Reivers showed no signs of festive excess with a dominant performance against visitors Kinross.

The Perthshire outfit are currently second in the division and the Borderers were apprehensive that this ‘six pointer’ would go against the home team.

Encapsulating the simplicity ethos of his captaincy, Reivers skipper Peter Cairns said before the match; “This is the one that counts – let’s play simple hockey.”

The start was a nervous one for the home team. The expectation of a drubbing from the visitors led to some early nerves with the defence being tested for the first 10 minutes of the match.

Fortunately for Reivers, the combination of a full bench of substitutes, the home advantage and increasingly wet and windy conditions played to their strengths. With great resolve, Andrew Bell opened the scoring. This was quickly built upon by a strong solo effort from Tim Watkin, demonstrating great technical finesse when circumventing the visitors’ defence, followed by a half-volley shot on target which was felt across the pitch.

The Reivers continued to dominate the first half with the prevailing wind in their favour. Although there were some minor errors from the left back, Kinross were not able to capitalise on these and the Reivers went in at the break with a 2-0 lead.

The second half started with a buoyed-up Reivers taking more chances.

Although there was a brief confusion as to positions following substitutions, the hosts continued to build on the scoreline with a combination of strong passes and neat goalmouth precision.

Right back Stuart Ramsay had a good game with some long-distance passes that stretched other members of the team. Up front, Andrew Bell accumulated two goals with others from Spencer Pitman, Tim Watkin and Graham Lofthouse.

Although the visitors did gain two goals in the second half they never looked like threatening the lead that had been built up in the first half. There were impressive performances from substitutes Colin Tucker and Calum Stockdale, with the Reivers able to call on a squad with increasing strength and depth going into the second half of the season.

Reivers: P. Cairns, S. Young, P. Conkie, Colin Stockdale, R. Jackson, S. Ramsay, S. Pitman, G. Lofthouse, T. Watkin, S. Barbour, J. Fletcher, A. Bell, Calum Stockdale, C. Tucker jnr, P. Forster, A. Rajput,