Nine-in-a-row Adam keeps grip on Hillheid trophy

Stow Sports trophy winners
Stow Sports trophy winners

AS IS the norm at Stow Sports Week, the competition at both the Hillheid Race on Wednesday and the athletics meeting on Saturday was hotly contested.

For the ninth successive year, local lad Adam Priestly led the way on the Hillheid course to notch his 16th title (Adam was unable to compete in the race 10 years ago).

Stow Sports hillheid race

Stow Sports hillheid race

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Hillheid Race: Primary Girls (Cockholm Cup): 1, B. Logan; 2 equal, M. Henderson & H. Comiskey. Primary Boys (Cockholm Cup): 1, J. Logan; 2, C. Campbell; 3, M. Logan.

Secondary Girls (Killochyett Cup): 1, S. Lyons; 2, A. Gilroy; 3, R. Thomson. Secondary Boys (Killochyett Cup): 1, B. Drury; 2, R. Howarth; 3, S. Balfour.

Ladies (Baker Quaich): 1, Anya Campbell; 2, A. Weir; 3, D. Johnston.

Men (Manorhead Rosebowl): 1, A. Priestly (9 mins 6 secs); 2, E. Nelson; 3, J. Murray.

Tossing the Sheaf: 1, Doddie Weir (6.2 metres); 2, Thomas Weir; 3, Steven Kellet.

Athletics (Saturday): 100m 13-14-year-old Girls (Malcolm Cup): 1, S. Thomson; 2, M. Jack; 3, L. Chapman. 100m 13-14-year-old Boys (Malcolm Cup): 1, R. Howarth; 2, A. Lyons; 3, T. Otton.

200m Ladies: 1, D. Johnston; 2, A. Gillis; 3, A. Duncan. 200m Men (Ridley Cup): 1, B. Runciman; 2, S. Hunter; 3, F. Hunter.

300m 13-14-year-old Girls: 1, S. Thomson; 2, M. Jack; 3, L. Chapman. 300m 13-14-year-old Boys: 1, R. Howarth; 2, A. Lyons; 3, T. Otton.

800m Mixed (Miller Cup): 1, C. Hunter; 2, A. Gillis; 3, M. Howarth. 1500m Mixed (Cochranes Cup): 1, A. Priestly; 2, B. Murray; 3, E. Nelson.

70m Ladies (Watson Cup): 1, D. Johnston; 2, A. Gillis; 3, A. Campbell. 120m Men (Edinburgh Cup): 1, F. Hunter; 2, S. Hunter; 3, J. Runciman.

Mothers’ Race: 1, A. Campbell; 2, A. Weir; 3, S. Hunter.

Fathers’ Race: 1, F. Otton; 2, T. Corcoran; 3, S. Reid.

Long Jump 9-12-year-old Girls: 1, A. Houston 2.58m; 2, R. Gerard; 3, R. Johnston. Long Jump 9-12-year-old Boys: 1, M. Logan 3.35; 2, E. Clark; 3, B. Jack.

Long Jump 13-14-year-old Girls: 1, M. Jack; 2, S. Thomson; 3, M. Chapman. Long Jump 13-14-year-old Boys: 1, R. Howarth 4.42m; 2, T. Otton; 3, A. Lyons.

Long Jump Women: 1, A. Scott 3.45m; 2, A. Gillis; 3, A. Campbell. Long Jump Men: 1, F. Hunter 5.07m; 2, G. Hunter; 3, S. Chapman.

Triple Jump Women: 1, A. Gillis 7.66m; 2, A. Weir; 3, A. Campbell. Triple Jump Men: 1, F. Hunter 10.55m; 2, S. Reid; 3, B. Murray.

High Jump 9-12-year-old grls: 1, I. Ivalo 1.14m; 2, G. Wilson; 3, S. Lyons. High Jump 9-10-year-old boys: 1, K. Lyons 1.09m; 2, E. Clarke; 3 equal, M. Logan, D. Gerrard.

High Jump 11-12-year-old boys: 1, J. Finnen 1.04m; 2, T. Thomson; 3 equal, S. Kellott, B. Jack.

High Jump 13-14-year-old girls: 1, M. Jack 1.13m; 2, S. Thomson. High Jump 13-14-year-old boys: 1, R. Howarth 1.39m; 2, A. Lyons; 3, R. Wilson.

Shot Putt Women: 1, A. Gillis 6.5m; 2, D. Johnston; 3, N. Chapman. Shot Putt Men: 1, T. Weir 9.92m; 2, B. Murray; 3, G. Hunter.

Points Winner Men (Cunningham Cup): F. Hunter. Points Winner Women (Starters Cup): A. Gillis.