Nice win for the Streamers

LAST week’s Agrii Border League saw Roxburgh propelled to almost unknown heights in the Section One table after beating Foulden 6-4, writes Alistair Lindsay.

Glendale notched up their second win of the season, overcoming Duns 10-6.

Coldstream further consolidated their Section Two lead, going 7-5 up against Lees, a hard game if the score is taken into account, likewise Selkirk, at 8-6 over Chirnside, could have gone either way.

In the Dickinson quarter-finals, Lammermuir and Foulden put up the tightest game at 8-7 to the hill squad, Duns shut Swinton out quite thoroughly on sheet two and, on sheet three, things were close up to the fourth end between Chirnside and Earlston II before the wheels and at least one axle detached from the Chirnside wagon, when the Rhymers hit some big ends.

Coldstream kept Greenlaw at arms length and Duns were shut out of their semi by Coldstream II, while Earlston and Lammermuir were nip and tuck to the fourth end before the Rhymers broke away enough to win 9-3.

In a very tough final, Coldstream just made it by a single shot in which game there was a blank end at an early stage just to show the close nature of things. Rhona Fleming very graciously accepted the instant conscription to present the trophy and prizes.