Mugdock marvels

IT WAS a slightly diminished Ettrick Forest Archers squad who travelled to Mugdock Country Park for the Green Hollow Open Clout meeting last weekend.

But the Selkirk four still got into the medals.

Once again Barbara Campbell (Highland) took the overall prize for the ladies, with a commanding 48 hits for a score of 131 and one clout. But Selkirk’s Elaine Pearson took the first round title with 21, 47, 0.

And Ettrick Forest junior Sam Mackay once again shattered his own club record with an astonishing 36, 92, 2 – despite his bow developing lifts halfway through and having to change up from a 45lb Bickerstaff to one at 55lb. This effort earned Sam a Green Hollow medal.

And although there were no medals for the local gents, Doug Anderson shot himself into third place overall with a 24, 61, 0; while Mike Pearson’s 19, 36, 0 took seventh. The host club’s Bosco Hazard took the title with 37, 79, 0.

Some of the other club members were also treated to the good weather, in the superb surroundings at Bowhill House, where they held a well-received come-and-try session.