Movers and shakers take their seats

MALCOLM MACINTYRE has moved into the presidency of Greenlaw Curling Club in succession to Hilary Bowyer whose sentence in this post was fully served with no parole, writes Alistair Lindsay.

However, the name of Bowyer will prevail in high office as Peter Bowyer has taken on the secretarial commission from John Stevenson, along with the fact that Peter is also vice-president of the Ice Rink Club.

If you want things done, ask a busy man; Dave Brown keeps a thread of continuity, retaining the club treasury. Helen Mathieson has been appointed to the vice presidency.

Helen reports a full pass mark for the development committee’s efforts from higher authority, on the judicious use of the lottery grant funds over the past while, well done all concerned.

To come back to Greenlaw, the past season did not seem to be rewarding on the competition front, with the trophy cabinet only being opened for hygienic reasons.

Individual performances were headed by John Stevenson with the Directors trophy, and the Swan coming his way.

Teviotdale CC sees Sandy Fleming into his second season in the hotseat, Gail Hislop is in charge of the funds, and Anne MacCauley has taken over from Ron Hutchison as secretary.

Membership numbers are at a comfortable level and all club competitions were well supported. As with Greenlaw, the trophy cabinet was opened to keep it fresh.

Jim Wilson of Glendale CC was another cornerstone member of that great club, although his appearances were few this last while.

Of Scottish birth, Jim nonetheless wore his English international blazer with pride and was as much fun off the ice as he was a tough competitor on the rink.

The multitude at Ingram church was high tribute to a splendid curler, sportsman and farmer who will long be remembered by his many friends.