More than an amble

LAST Thursday, Borders athletes headed south for their annual pilgrimage to Ambleside.

For more than 200 years, locals and visitors alike have enjoyed watching and participating in this traditional Lakeland event and 2011 was no different, with many athletes from the area making the trip.

Local success came the way of Hawick’s Ryan Trimby in the 90m open, while Colin Welsh from Kelso took the top spot in the 800m open event.

Results – Youths’ 90m: 1, D. Campbell Dash Athletics; 2, J. Park TLJT; 3, C. Wilson Hawick. 10.80 seconds.

90m open: 1, R. Trimby Hawick; 2, C. McLean Dash Athletics; 3, E. Lantzos Newport. 10.10 seconds.

800m open: 1, C. Welsh Kelso; 2, B. Smith Carnforth; 3, G. Smith Hawick. 1 minute 57.51 seconds.

Youths’ 800m: 1, R. Buchanan Workington; 2, R. Ingram Kendal; 3, N. Screawn Dash Athletics. 2 minute 08.19 seconds.

Youths’ 200m: 1, H. Matthews Dash Athletics; 2, S. Bandeen Hawick; 3, E. Pettigrew Kelso. 23.01 seconds.

200m open: 1, W. McGowan Sauchie; 2, T. Matthews Kendal; 3, R. Trimby Hawick. 22.10 seconds.

1600m open: 1, M. Scott Northallerton; 2, A. Craig TLJT; 3, B. Smith Carnforth. 4 minutes 28.76 seconds.

Youths’ 400m: 1, S. Docherty Dash Athletics; 2, J. Wilson Hawick; 3, A. Gibson Dash Athletics. 54.94 seconds.

400m open: 1, T. Matthews Kendal; 2, O. Lithgow Seaton; 3, A. Bryce Falkirk. 51.95 seconds.