Mixed results make a g’day all round

Borders netball players (red and black dresses) welcomed their Australian visitors (navy dresses) this week.
Borders netball players (red and black dresses) welcomed their Australian visitors (navy dresses) this week.

Peebles A 44

Lauriston A 30


PEEBLES NETBALL played host to visitors, Lauriston School from Melbourne, Australia, at the weekend.

Fourteen players arrived in Peebles, most raised on a diet of regular match play in Australian women’s teams and mixed netball.This experience reflected clearly in their physicality and athleticism on court.

However, Peebles Netball’s senior team boasts four current Scotland squad players, who relished the chance to compete against players from one of the top netballing nations.

In the first quarter, Peebles came out firing, taking control of the match, surprising the visitors with their speed of passing and movement and producing a lead of 14 goals to 6 by quarter time.

Into the second quarter, Lauriston tried to fight back, with some well-timed interceptions, but still Peebles had the upper hand with the score 25 goals to 10 in Peebles favour at half time.

Some changes in positions amongst the Peebles team resulted in weaknesses in flow in the third quarter, which Lauriston turned to their advantage, closing the gap to 33 goals to 21 with the final quarter to play.

With Peebles team positions restored, the last quarter was a demonstration of top class netball from both squads. Peebles finally won by 44 goals to 30 after a hard-fought contest.

Peebles: Jo Pettitt (capt.), Jenny Hudson, Susanne Krabbendam, Neve McLean, Flora Gillies, Hannah MacDonald, Lauren Tait, Hannah Crick, Mhairi Jackson.

Borders Netball Select 30

Lauriston B 41

A SECOND match was played with Borders fielding a mix of younger players including Kara White (Team Berwickshire) making her debut in Borders Netball.

Once again, the pace was fast and the play physical. This time Lauriston got the upper hand early on with a half-time lead of 24 goals to 13. However, Borders were always threatening and the gap closed to within five goals at times.

A spurt by Lauriston in the closing few minutes finally sealed the match by 41 goals to 30.

Borders Select: Caillie Douce (capt.), Nikki Pettitt, Ellen Jardine, Kara White, Kerri Dow, Gemma Gass, Niamh Cannon, Nicola Berthelsen, Alison Mackinnon, Shevaun Smith, Anna Miller.