Missed chance for Reivers’ men

Reivers defence, featuring goal keeper Gavin Ross, prepare for a penalty corner.
Reivers defence, featuring goal keeper Gavin Ross, prepare for a penalty corner.

Cala Colts3

Fjordhus Reivers1

After recording a conceded win to Inverleith on Saturday, Reivers men got involved in a tussle for second and third place in the league the following day.

Reivers turned up at Meggetland in good heart and missing a couple of regulars, but welcomed back veteran Colin Stockdale after a long lay off through injury and work.

After Spencer Pitman’s team talk the Borders men started off on the front foot, being well organised in defence and comfortable passing out of pressure as Cala attacked, time and again.

The Reivers absorbed the pressure and were able to release a number of counter attacks and threaten Cala in their own D. It was from one such break that Jonathan Fletcher was able to pounce on a slack clearance, drive into a dangerous area, and release Jordan Sharp to clip the ball off his toes into the net.

Reivers looked strong and comfortable for the rest of the half, with youngsters Euan Nicol and Baird MacIlwraith keeping Cala on their toes, to go into the break ahead.

The second half was somewhat different. As the game progressed the Borderers started to lose some of their shape and discipline, which was not helped by losing a player to the sin bin for over enthusiastic tackling, after the Umpire had warned both sides.

Cala were then able to exploit the extra space to draw level and eventually took the lead with two more goals towards the end of the match, leaving the Borderers feeling that points had been there for the taking, but the opportunity had slipped away.