Me and my sport – Week 25: Ryan Brown

ASP Ryan Brown
ASP Ryan Brown

Age: 14

Home Town: Kelso

Sport: Swimming

Discipline: 200m butterfly, but swims all events

Club/Team: Kelso ASC and Borders Elite Swim Team

Coaches: Alex Jordan, Caroline Brown and Katrina Hope

Best moment in sport so far: Achieving Scottish Gold Squad times.

Aims for the next 12 months: To get a medal at the Scottish Age Group Championships and make the finals at the British Age Group Championships.

How does the ASP help you most: Access to physio, nutritionist and psychologist.

Who in sport most inspires you: Michael Phelps, because of the determination, hard work and effort he puts into his training.

FavOURITE sporting moment of all time: Phelps v Milorad Cavic in the 100m butterfly at the 2008 Beijing Olympics (Phelps won by 1/100 of a second in the final, giving him his seventh gold medal of the games).

Best thing about your sport: Meeting up with swimmers from all round the country when we go to swim meets.

... But dislike: Having to eat later at night because of training.

If not in this sport, would like to compete in: Rugby. I gave it up because I couldn’t play games on a Saturday due to swim training and competitions.

Usual pre-competition meal: Pasta and chicken, but I also like steak and chips.

Food dislikes: Mushrooms, blackcurrant jelly, nuts.

Best motivational song or track: Anything by Eminem.

... but turn off/leave the room to: Justin Beiber.

Competition superstition or odd routine: Adjust my goggles just before the starter says take your marks.

When not competing or training I like to: Read, relax, sleep.