Me and my sport – profiling Borders ASP athletes

Cameron Balfour
Cameron Balfour
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Age: 16.

HomeTown: Heriot.

Sport: Cycling.

Discipline: XC Mountain Bike and Road.

Team: CNP Orbea.

Coach: Mark McKay.

Best moment in sport so far: Getting selected to ride on the British Olympic Talent Team.

Aims for the next 12 months: To make the top three in the British Mountain Bike Series for juniors (my first year in the category).

How does the ASP help you most: It helps in many ways, but in particular the gym access at the Tri-Fitness centre has been very beneficial. Also physiotherapy with Border Physio.

Who in sport most inspires you: There is not one athlete in particular, but anyone in their sport who is at the very top level is a good role model and an inspiration for me.

Fav sporting moment of all time: Watching the 2008 Olympics. The whole event I found absolutely amazing and inspirational.

Best thing about your sport: When you are racing and can smoothly ride the whole trail at flat-out speed and when you make your opponents suffer when you’re in a perfect rhythm, tapping away on the pedals and your legs are feeling just great.

... but dislike: When the bike breaks, eg chain snaps or you puncture. It’s frustrating because you have very little control over when or where you will get a mechanical.

If not in this sport, would like to compete in: Running. I still do a bit of it; not too much through the middle of the cycling season, but I am going to start up again in the next couple of weeks.

Usual pre-competition meal: Pasta with tomato sauce then a bowl of bran flakes.

Food dislikes: Liquorice and Marmite are the only foods I don’t like.

Best motivational song or track: Drive by Incubus, Swoon by The Chemical Brothers and any of the Prodigy’s songs.

... but turn off/leave the room to: All of Pink Floyd’s stuff.

Competition superstition or odd routine: The last song in my warm-up is always the same every time before I race.

When not competing or training I like to: Go on Facebook, play my guitar and meet up with friends.