Me and my sport: Claire Hill

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Name: Claire Hill

Age: 17

Home Town: Kelso

Sport: Hockey

Position/Discipline: Forward/Midfield

Club/Team(s): Watsonians, U18 Scotland and U21 training squad

Coach(es): Rhona McLennan, Janet Jack, Neil Menzies

Your own best moment in sport so far: Scoring a penalty stroke in the semi-final at the Europeans against Ukraine to make it 3-2, gaining promotion and a place in the final.

Aims for the next 12 months: Maintain the required fitness levels and make the selection in the National team.

Who in your sport has inspired you most and why: Kate Walsh- Captain of the GB team. After breaking her jaw in the 2012 London Olympics she continued to play with a head brace, leading her team to a bronze medal.

Favourite TV sporting moment of all time: Watching Andy Murray win his first Wimbledon against Djokovic. It made me even more proud to be Scottish.

Best thing about your sport: Being in a team, knowing you have another 10 players supporting you on the pitch. You get a good laugh off of the pitch as well.

Favourite piece of kit/equipment: My stick- I wouldn’t have anything other than Mercian.

If you had the chance to change one thing in your sport, what would it be: Have a water-based pitch in Kelso to reduce the amount of travelling I have to do.

Venue at which you most aspire to compete: See previous answer!

If not in this sport, would like to compete in: Tennis. I used to play competitively but gradually stopped due to hockey.

Current most played song or track on your iPod or MP3: I don’t have a particular song as I tend to listen to anything. You’ll always find me singing away to something.

……but can’t stand: Justin Beiber- but who can?

Competition superstition or “must do” personal routine: None really.

When not competing or training I like to: See my friends or catch up on Hollyoaks.

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