McKay keeps grip on title

Peebles Games. 3200M Open Handicap. Keith Murray, Hawick.
Peebles Games. 3200M Open Handicap. Keith Murray, Hawick.

KELSO’s David McKay retained his 80-metre open title at Whittingham Sports in Lancashire last weekend.

He took the spoils in a time of 9.11 seconds, ahead of Hawick’s David Hush, avenging his defeat in the Morebattle Games 110m handicap the previous weekend.

The first event up was the 80-metre youth sprint which saw Tweed Leader Jed Track’s John Feeney overcome Marshall Smith of Gala Harriers and Hawick’s Nicole Campbell.

Wooler’s Jarod Lewis made his debut in open athletics at Whittingham and impressively claimed the 800-metre youth title in front of Chirnside’s Rory Williams and Kyle Potts of TLJT.

But there was Borders success in the senior 800m as Hawick’s Keith Murray, pictured, claimed his first win at the distance.

The 150-metre youth event was made up of six heats and in the final Mhairi Henderson of TLJT ran intelligently to spot the gap on the inside to stride home in 18.33 seconds. The senior version saw Hawick’s David Grieve fight his way past Bruce Scott of TLJT, while Keith Lyall of Kelso took the 1600m title.

The youths’ 400 metres attracted a large entry of 37 and was split into two races – the first race was won by Rian Dougall of Leithenburn with Matt Dougall (no relation) from TLJT winning the second.

Results: 80m Youths - 1, J. Feeney (TLJT) 9.75 seconds; 2, M. Smith (Gala H); 3, N. Campbell (Hawick).

80m Open - D. McKay (Kelso) 9.11 secs; 2, D. Hush (Hawick); 3, B. Scott (TLJT).

800m Youths - J. Lewis (Wooler) 2 mins 9 secs; 2, R. Williams (Chirnside); 3, K. Potts (TLJT).

800m Open - 1, K. Murray (Hawick) 2 mins 10 secs; 2, I. Williams (TLJT); 3, K. Daglish (Durham).

150m Youths - 1, M. Henderson (TLJT) 18.33 secs; 2, L. Herdman (Kelso); 3, H. MacRae (TLJT).

150m Open - 1, D. Grieve (TLJT) 17.55 secs; 2, B. Scott (TLJT); 3, C. Murray (TLJT).

1600m Open - K. Lyall (Kelso) 4 mins 52 secs; 2, K. Murray (Hawick); 3, I. Williams (TLJT).

400m Youths - Race One - 1, R. Dougall (Leithenburn) 57.04 secs; 2, K. Potts (TLJT); 3, C. Burnett (Gala); Race Two - 1, M. Dougall (TLJT) 55.35 secs; 2, D. Chapman (Kelso); 3, P. Winkler (Whittingham).