Martha causes sprint upset at Langholm

Martha Douglas sprint winner
Martha Douglas sprint winner
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Bonchester sprint queen Martha Douglas wowed the crowds at the Castleholm on Friday by pulling off her second successive Langholm 90m title.

Coached by Brian ‘Chico’ Woods of the Jed AC club the 19 year old surprised even herself when, after coming third in her cross tie, she was given the nod in a photo finish to take the £1000 prize pot.

Lining up against Fraser Neil of Kelso (6.5m), Craig Bruce of Selkirk (7.5m), Eoin Lowther of Jedburgh (7.5m), Kieran Reilly of Edinburgh (4m) and Angela Kelly of Giffnock (26.5m), Douglas was an outsider to lift the title.

And, in as close a race as you could wish to see, Douglas gained the honours in a time of 9.68 seconds. Neil was placed second and Reilly third.

Full Games report and pictures in Thursday’s Southern Reporter.

Langholm Results

Youths’ B 90m: 1, K. Taitt (TLJT) 33m; 2, E. Brus (TLJT) 31m; 3, E. McKean (Hawick) 28m. Winning time: 9.68 seconds.

Youths’ A 90m: 1, C. Gillan (Kelso) 11m; 2, C. Tindle (Berwick) 1m; 3, C. Brus (TLJT) 21.5m. 9.61 seconds.

90m Championship: 1, T. Holligan (Edinburgh); 2, L. Marshall (Hawick); 3, C. Grieve (TLJT) 10.07 seconds.

90m Open: 1, M. Douglas (Jed AC) 19m; 2, F. Neil (Kelso) 6.5m; 3, K. Reilly (Edinburgh) 4m. 9.68 seconds.

800m Open: 1, A. Thomson (Jed AC) 80m; 2, J. Taylor (Hawick) 80m; 3, R. Anderson (Hawick) 60m. 1 minute 55.07 seconds.

Youths’ 800m: 1, J. Amos (Jed AC) 195m; 2, O. Rodden (Jed AC) 290m; 3, E. Cooper (Jed AC) 320m. 1 minute 55.28 seconds.

400m Open: 1, A. Thomson (Jed AC) 37m; 2, C. Turton (EAC) 29m; C. Sowerby (Seaton) 28m. 50.28 seconds.

Youths’ B 200m: 1, L. Bouglas (Hawick) 65m; 2, K. Womack (Lilliesleaf) 53m; 3, M. Johnstone (Jed AC) 64m. 22.75 seconds.

Youths’ A 200m: 1, C. Gillon (Kelso) 22m; 2, L. Woodman (Annan) 19m; 3, G. Kelly (East Kilbride) 12m. 22.72 seconds.

200m Open: 1, C. Bowers (Glenrothes) 24m; 2, C. Grieve (TLJT) 25m; 3, C. Smith (TLJT) 20.53 seconds.

1600m Open: 1, R. Milligan (Langholm) 215m; 2, A. Laurie (Selkirk) 380m; 3, D. Whiteford (Innerleithen) 160m. 4 minutes 12.65 seconds.

Youths’ 1600m: 1, J. Brown (Chirnside) 360m; 2, C. Angus (Leithenburn) 340m; 3, M. Smith (Leithenburn) 400m. 4 minutes 21.73 seconds.