Lucky Darling doesn’t suffer from triskaidekaphobia in time trial

THIRTEEN riders took part in the Kelso Wheelers 10-mile time trial on the Birgham course on Monday night, with three recording personal best times.

Being one of 13 did not appear to be a bad omen for Kenny Darling, who won in 22 minutes and 35 seconds.

Or indeed for the PB trio of Andrea Pogson, David Burgher and Gavin Ford.

Results: 1, K. Darling 22.35 minutes; 2, D. Burgher 23.01pb; 3, J. Smith 23.26; 4, C. Stevenson 24.04; 5, A. Pogson 24.42pb; 6, R. Ure 25.02; 7, D. Richardson 25.20; 8, R. Connell 25.26; 9, K. Wilson 25.28; 10, G. Ford 27.09pb; 11, Gordon Dalglish 28.51; 12, Rob Smith 29.52; 13, D. Whitecross.

Monday sees the club 20-mile Championship time trial (St Boswells course). Riders are to sign in at Croft Park before 6.30pm.