Local archers help Scots to Celtic crown


SCOTLAND made full use of home advantage at the weekend as the Celtic Meeting was held at Thirladean, home to Ettrick Forest Archers.

With home advantage, of course, comes familiarity with the weather. Anyone hoping for a day like scorching Friday was in for a disappointment.

Celtic Nations Cloat Shoot.

Celtic Nations Cloat Shoot.

The Scots were made up of members from the host club as well as the Green Hollow, Kilwinning and Highland clubs.

And in the Ailsa Trophy target meeting on the Saturday, they triumphed in the team competition by 583-565.

What’s more, out of the top eight Scottish archers (from whom the aggregate total for the country was based), five of them – Colin Cairney, Alan Lindsay, Mike Pearson, Adair Anderson and Richard Tice – were from Ettrick Forest.

It is a remarkable feat by the country’s newest longbow club.

Celtic Nations Cloat Shoot.

Celtic Nations Cloat Shoot.

However, the Pretanni Trophy for juniors was won unopposed by Ireland’s Connla McCarthy, a nine-year-old who was shooting in his first competition and left with a trophy almost as big as himself. His one gold was watched by all and received the biggest cheer of the day.

This competition was a double-header as it was also the club’s open target tournament.

Inverness archer Barbara Campbell continued her recent domination in the ladies’ competition, while the club’s new favourite bowmaker Alan Fleming topped the scoring for the gents.

Results: Ladies – most hits, Barbara Campbell 71 hits, 317 score, 7 golds (Té an Fhir Iúlmhoir and silver medal); highest score, Sandra Russell 66, 240, 4 (bronze medal); most golds, Lynn Fleming 51, 175, 5 (bronze medal). Gentlemen – most hits, Alan Fleming 90, 476, 17 (Am Fear Iúlmhor and silver medal); highest score, Tony Maher 86, 448, 9 (bronze medal); most golds, Alan Lindsay, 78, 420, 15 (bronze medal). Juniors – most hits, Connla McCarthy 4, 16 1 (An Boghadóir Óg).

Other awards: Sandra Russell won the Dennis McGinley Quaich for best gold, Christine Beatty won the petticoats prize and Stephen McCormick won the worst white.

Ettrick Forest results: 4, Colin Cairney 79, 381, 7; 6, Alan Lindsay 78, 420, 15; 8, Mike Pearson 72, 338, 4; 10, Adair Anderson 69, 321, 7; 13 Richard Tice 67, 309, 5; 18, Doug Anderson 64, 282, 6; 19,

Jimmy Stillie 63, 235, 1; 27, Elaine Pearson 46, 192, 1; 30, Ian Bradshaw 43, 191, 3; 34, Trevor Austin 37, 123, 4; 40, Rhuary Horsburgh 29, 109, 2.

The next day’s clout competition brought some warmer weather, in much the same way as the inside of your freezer can be said to be warmer than, say, the North Pole.

In the ladies’ competition, Highland’s Campbell was once again on top form. Indeed, if she had as good a second round as she did in the first, she would have recorded a new Scottish record.

Selkirk’s Elaine Pearson took the medal for the best second round.

For the gents, a storming second round for Selkirk pair Martin Stillie and his dad Jimmy saw them overtake half-time leader Alan Beatty, with Stillie jnr pipping his old man to win, but Jimmy did take the medal for the best second round.

Martin and Barbara’s combined score meant that the Celtic Nations trophy was retained by the Scots, ahead of Cumbria, Gall Gael and Ireland.

This year,there were no juniors shooting in the clout, so that trophy went unclaimed.

Once again, this was a double-header, as it also formed the club’s open clout competition.

Results: Ladies champion – Barbara Campbell (EFA Open Clout Trophy and silver medal) 61, 184, 4; first round – Elaine Smith (bronze medal) 24, 60, 1; second round – Elaine Pearson (bronze medal) 26, 84, 2. Gents’ champion – Martin Stillie (EFA Open Clout Trophy and silver medal) 37, 93, 1; first round – Alan Beatty (bronze medal) 20, 44, 0; second round Jimmy Stillie (bronze medal) 22, 53, 2.#

Shoot-off by ends – Ladies: Emma Gillies with a clout (bronze medal); gents: Bill Campbell at half a bow length (bronze medal).

Ettrick Forest results: Ladies – Elaine Pearson 50 hits, 141 score, 3 clouts. Gents – Martin Stillie 37, 93, 1; Jimmy Stillie 34, 86, 2; Doug Anderson 25, 63, 2; Alan Lindsay 28, 57, 0; Mike Pearson 25, 55, 0; Richard Tice 19, 36, 1; Alan Walker 17, 33, 0; Kevin Janiak 13, 28, 0; Colin Cairney 11, 21, 0; Rhuary Horsburgh 4, 10, 0.