Ladies lose their mojo, but make their point

Rhona Gowans under pressure from the students
Rhona Gowans under pressure from the students

Fjordhus Reivers 1

St Andrews Uni 1

Kirsty Millar on the ball for Fjordhus

Kirsty Millar on the ball for Fjordhus

Fjordhus Reivers Ladies played St Andrews on their home turf at Tweedbank following the previous week’s treacherous journey to Aberdeen.

Fjordhus, being the much stronger side on paper, should have dominated from the whistle but were a little slow out the blocks and the possession and play remained 50/50 between both teams.

After the first five minutes, the Reivers’ ladies began to up the pressure and build attacks, with Morven Cawthorn at right defence and Kirsty Millar at left midfield firing ball after ball up the line to the home side’s speedy forwards.

The midfield line sent numerous passes to the opposition’s post that required just an inch of a Fjordhus player’s stick to send them flying into the net, but unfortunately they just couldn’t get there in time.

Although Fjordhus built attacks well, the students put up a fight, making things difficult for the Borderers.

A strange, but very effective set-up of the university’s strikers confused the home side’s defence and helped them slip through the cracks in their structure on a few occasions, but the Fjordhus back four began to read the play and coped well.

Reivers carried their dominance of attacking play into the second half, creating multiple opportunities but St Andrews came into the game more and earned themselves the lead from a fast break.

The Borderers refused to let their heads go down and put the foot on the gas resulting in penalty corner after penalty corner, each time just narrowly missing the chance to equalise.

After several attempts, the home side eventually got the goal they so desperately wanted and deserved from a straight strike off Clare Townsend.

The home side became increasingly hungry for another strike that would give them the lead, but the goal just didn’t seem to materialise.

This performance provided Fjordhus ladies with a slightly disappointing draw, but the team are not done fighting yet with several games still to play before the mid-season break.

The ladies are sure they will get their ‘mojo’ back and get back on their winning streak.