Lack of composure from Fjordhus

Fjordhus Reivers 1

Hillhead Jordanhill 2


SUNSHINE and a good local support failed to lift the Borders ladies to a win on Saturday.

Hillhead started the game at a furious pace and dictated the play. Their midfield starved the Reivers of possession and the commitment of the visiting side was clear to see.

On 18 minutes, the visitors’ pressure paid off when from a penalty corner Reivers gave away a soft goal at right post, with the ball bobbling over the line.

Reivers were clearly rattled and could not gain possession to form any sort of attack. Any possession they had was continually gifted back to Hillhead with the lack of a good first touch. Reivers defence was stretched and continually under pressure and they had to use all their experience to clear the danger.

Drastic measures were called for after the restart and player/coach Janet Jack was moved to midfield to lead, create some openings and instil some urgency into the Reivers game. This worked well, with Jack creating some good balls for her front strikers, but time and time again the opportunity was wasted.

Hillhead were well organised and, when gifted the ball, played it long upfield to switch from defence to attack. On 15 minutes, from a Fjordhus break, Hillhead gained possession and with the home side committing too many players forward, increased their lead.

Reivers heads went down and try as they might, their own lack of composure and close stick work let them down.

On 20 minutes, from a Laura McLean run, Reivers were awarded a penalty corner, which was eventually upgraded to a penalty flick after discussion between the umpires. Jack dispatched the flick to steal a goal back. Sarah Mathers left the field with a suspected broken nose after being caught with a backswing in the process of tackling.

Reivers for the last 10 minutes chased the game and unfortunately did not look like gaining the equaliser.

Coach Jack was bitterly disappointed with her team’s performance in terms of first touches and tracking back.

“The whole team has to increase their work rate and desire to win games in this tough league,” she said.

“We have another home game this week against Glasgow University and hopefully the desire and commitment which served them well last season will be reinstalled.”.

Fjordhus Reivers: S. Tennant, J. Jack, E. Newlands, D. Fairbairn, P. Bell(Capt), K. Millar, M. Douglas, J. Wilson, C. Townsend, L. Mclean, L. Ingles, S. Mathers, M. Cawthorn.