Knock-out Cup

BORDERS pool players began their new season with the opening round of the Knock Out Cup last week.

Most of the fancied teams progressed without much fuss.

Results: Dryburgh (Newtown) 4 Ship A (Melrose) 5; Reivers C (Gala) 5 Hawick Conservative Club 0; Reivers B (Gala) 5 High Level (Hawick) 1; Bridge Inn (Gala) 2 Reivers A (Gala) 5; Waverley B (Hawick) 1 White Swan (Kelso) 5; Nikis B (Gala) 2 Waverley A (Hawick) 5; Fleece (Selkirk) 0 Nikis A (Gala) 5; Abbotsford (Gala) 5 Ship B (Melrose) 3.