Knight in shining armour Doug comes to the aid of hotshot damsel in distress

Perfect clout conditions met the 30 archers who took to the field at Thirladean on Sunday for the Harvest Clout competition.

With clout queen Elaine Pearson of the home club still out of action with an injured shoulder, it was anybody’s title, but stepping up to the plate by winning the ladies’ competition by a hair’s breadth (two hits, same score) from Highland’s Barbara Campbell was Kilwinning’s Emma Gillies, whose bow split at the halfway mark and was rescued by Ettrick Forest’s Doug Anderson, who lent her his bow for the rest of the day.

It seemed to agree with her as she went on to hit four clouts. Indeed, the wee white circles must have felt unpopular after being being relentlessly punctured – archers amassed 33 hits in total, ensuring the club was out of pocket in the clouts sweep.

And on one of the last ends, the ladies produced a total of five clouts – unbelievable precision.

Emma’s partner Scott Notman was once again to the fore in the gents’ competition with an imperious score, while Selkirk’s own junior Kyle Fairbairn hit a personal best result to win his section.

Ladies’ Champion: Emma Gillies 51 hits, 142 score, 4 clouts. First round: Ina Morris 27, 67, 1. Second round: Elizabeth Normand 32, 84, 1 .

Junior Champion: Kyle Fairbairn 42, 105, 0.

Gentlemen’s Champion: Scott Notman 49, 116, 2. First round: Alan Fleming 16, 43, 1. Second round: Adair Anderson 24, 59, 0.

Best ends shoot-off: ladies – Elizabeth Normand by a foot; gents – Bill Campbell (Lowland) half a bow length.