Kennedy on victory trail ahead of Welsh weekend

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Earlston student Rebecca Kennedy added to her British Downhill Series title by winning the SDA Mountain Bike Championships in Dunkeld last weekend.

And it’s not over yet for the 18-year-old as this weekend she heads down to Wales for the British Championships.

Rebecca, who has just completed her BASE mountainbike course at Borders College, said: “I took home a yellow jersey, a medal, a large cup and, above all, the trophy cup that I return at the end of the year. What is so special about this is the engravings on it. Emma Guy, who many will know as one of the ‘Glentress girls’, Jaymie Mart, who won the Scottish champs for five years running, and Becks Reilly, who I came second to two years ago, are all on it.”

The timing couldn’t be better for Rebecca or the Singletrack bike race team that she has recently joined.

“Joining Dave McMillan of Singletrack bikes, along with the other team members Andrew and Chris Reynolds, has helped me with my confidence and the feeling of being supported,” she added.

“To be on the Singetrack team feels almost like being in a family.”

Rebecca has also received a scholarship from the Jayfest fund to promote young riders, as well as support from Lauderdale Renewables and the sports council to help cover some of the costs of travel, repairs and replacement. Anyone who would like to offer further support can get in touch with Rebecca via Facebook.