Kelso hold city side

Cala Edinburgh 0

Kelso Ladies 0


AFTER their disappointing result the last time they played Cala, Kelso were determined not to come away from Edinburgh with a similar scoreline.

The Borderers started promisingly and came close to scoring an early goal minutes into the game.

Player of the match Kim Carruthers was very unlucky not to squeeze the ball through on goal after finding herself in a great position at the back post.

The first half saw some great hockey by the Tweedsiders, who just failed to take advantage of the scoring opportunities they created.

The home-side weren’t without their chances either.

They came close on a number of occasions, but the strong Kelso defence were quick to react and close the danger down before they could shoot.

The second half began with Cala looking as if they were out to win the game. They applied a great deal of pressure on the Tweedsiders from the very start.

Once again, Kelso showed composure in defence and proved they had the skill and strength to deny the hosting side.

The Borderers came back in the last five minutes of the game, but they did not appear to be enough of a threat to score the vital goal.

This was a great game between two good sides and the score certainly reflects a relatively evenly matched game.

Kelso: Lynn Blaikie, Tracie Patterson, Louise Denham, Emma Halliday, Nicola Mackay, Kim Carruthers, Carin Logan, Joanna Laing, Natasha McLaren, Emma Pate, Gillian Thomson, Lynsey Laing, Jane Lofthouse.