Kelso club is in safe hands after average 2011-12 season showing

ONE of the two senior clubs in the Borders, Kelso (Newco) is now under the presidency of Colin Carruthers, and, would you believe it, second in command is the multi-faceted Luigi Macari, who has more clubs than an Indian juggler.

Sometime past president Caroline Newton is club secretary while Colin Carruthers doubles as treasurer, a good example of multi-tasking.

An average sort of showing would be a fair description of the club’s Agrii BorderLeague effort last season, but the high point was the winning of the Melrose Kettle.


Tom Forsyth and George Morris were both keystone and cornerstone members of St Boswells CC for many years, and although it is a while since they curled, they were both fairly regular onlookers at the Auld Yins especially, and in George’s case, at many of the various competitions where his acute and sometimes droll observations made for many a laugh “up the stair”.

One of his great achievements was to win the Kelso Bicentenary Bonspiel in just three ends, two sevens and a three.

Tom’s failing health precluded his presence as an observer last season, but all who knew him as a curler, farmer, family man and friend, will have great memories to look back on for a long time to come, of his quiet humour and wit.