Jedburgh enters 221st year

LUCY TILE moves into her second season as president of Jedburgh CC, now in its 221st season, however, she wishes it to be known that she is too young to even recall its bicentenary, writes Alistair Lindsay.

Mick Frost has been nominated as Lucy’s successor, and Colina Harris-Burland is secretary while Kate Jackson has been coerced into remaining as treasurer.

The club had an up-and-down sort of Border League last season, a bit of giant killing and then the odd slip or two. It must be hoped that Jedburgh can muster a rink or two for the Melrose Kettle and Dun trophies for the coming campaign. As always there is room for new members of all age groups to join in the fun.

Duns CC, at 211 years old, has George Whiteford replacing Colin Jeffries as president, a hard act to follow indeed. Colin’s spell has seen some notable successes, culminating in a well-won Border League final in March, one of the closest ever.

David Oliphant is the new vice-president and the amazing John Walker is the dynamically-motivated secretary, while the steady hand of Paul Jess continues on the treasury tiller.

Helen Forbes had a very busy, and mainly successful, season, both at club and open competition levels, with only an unmemorable club bonspiel to keep her in touch with reality. Colin and Liz Martin were usually there or thereabouts in all sorts of competitions, and the Doctors Martin were valuable new recruits to the club.