It’s grim up north for Fjordhus ladies

Borders Fjordhus
Borders Fjordhus

Granite City Wanderers 2

Borders Fjordhus I 1


WITH a full squad and a youth hostel booked, the Borderers travelled north for an eagerly anticipated match between two teams towards the top of the league.

Playing on a water-based pitch after a long journey, it was perhaps not surprising that the hosts started the strongest on Saturday. After five minutes the home striker rocketed the ball into the top of the goal to give the City side an early lead.

Borders settled and managed to find their rhythm and for the remainder of the first half had most of the possession.

Claire Townsend, together with Karen Cornwall and Denise Fairbairn, were the creators in the midfield with through-balls for lateral runs by Sarah Robertson and Evonne Jack. This created Fjordhus’ best opportunities, forcing faults in the defence by winning short corners.

Robertson and Pippa Bell both came close to scoring, but were denied by a goalpost and quick reactions from the keeper.

The defence, marshalled by Bell, were kept busy with Cara Powner and Rachael Hunniford putting in some great tackles down the flanks.

Borders started the second half a lot better and were passing the ball with confidence. Again, they had about 75 per cent of the possession, but just couldn’t find the back of the net. Granite City increased their lead about 10 minutes in through a superb goal which keeper Gillian Forsyth could do nothing about.

It was then the determination kicked in and the visitors began to bite back, dominating with pressure and several penalty corners. A through-ball from Hunniford found Bell at the back post to bring them back into the game.

However, it was not to be, the result certainly didn’t reflect the game and the visitors came away disappointed.

Borders Fjordhus: G. Forsyth, P. Bell, J. Scott, C. Townsend, C. Powner, D. Fairbairn, K. Cornwall, H. Hotchkiss, E. Jack, S. Robertson and M. Riddell.

Highland 1

Borders Fjordhus I 1


AFTER a not-so-comfortable night in the hostel, Borders were up bright and early on Sunday for their match against Highland.

With some changes in the squad and fresh legs from youngsters Alex Clarkson and Martha Douglas, who travelled up early on Sunday morning thanks to Martha’s mum, the team was once again raring to go.

After more travelling to find the pitch, Fjordhus took a while to get into their rhythm, but soon settled and were able to control the ball well and make accurate passes.

Highland were first on the scoresheet when a quick free hit was taken and their playmaker managed to find the back of the net.

Borders then created a lot of attacking play through Pippa Bell to Martha Douglas on the right wing. Claire Townsend was close to equalising from a straight strike at a penalty corner, but the far post kept the ball out of the goal.

The pressure continued and some great runs by Janet Jack and Heather Hotchkiss paid off when they both played one-two passes, with Jack finishing off the move to score the equaliser.

The game began to get a lot more physical and at one point, the visitors were down to 10 players when Denise Fairbairn was injured.

Jenny Scott produced some excellent tackles in defence, along with some great saves by keeper Forsyth.

After a lot of travelling and hard work on the pitch the Borderers were happy with a draw and came away feeling positive.

Borders Fjordhus: G. Forsyth, P. Bell, J. Scott, C. Townsend, C. Powner, A. Clarkson, M. Douglas, K. Cornwall, E. Jack, D. Fairbairn and H. Hotchkiss.