Injured Burgher retains his title

Eighteen riders lined up to contest Kelso Wheelers 20- mile club championship over the St Boswells course last week.

The cliché ‘riding through the pain barrier’ was more than apt as Dave Burgher retained his title in a time of 46.31 in spite of the injury he has been carrying for several weeks.

All together nine pbs were set, among them Colin Stevenson, 47.03, as he ‘warmed down’ from his efforts in the Bolton Ironman (248 in 11 hours 45 mins).

The Youths championship proved that quality is better than quantity when Oscar Onley took the title in 55.26 and for the second week running set a course record improving his pb by three minutes. Ben Simpson also improved his pb by four minutes.

Times: D. Burgher 46.31; J. Smith 46.46; C. Stevenson 47.03 pb; M. Burgher 47.39; S. Gaunt 48.52 pb; D. Richardson 49.36; R. Ure 50.27; R. Connell 50.59; R. Coupek 51.19 pb; P. McGreal 52.38 pb; G. Ford 52.11 pb; K. Wilson 55.10; A. Ker 56.59; S. Onley 60.56 pb; J. Sinton 60.41 pb; R. Smith 62.06. Youths: O. Onley 55.26 pb; B. Simpson 57.07.

The W. E. Howden, Coldstream, Pet Food Supplies 20-mile league has now concluded.

The attribute needed to win any league is consistency and so it proved in the four sections of this league. Ben Simpson was outstanding in the Juniors, taking 20 points in each round. Donald Richardson and Richard Connell also dominated their respective sections. The absence of Gordon Dalglish in section three gave Rob Smith and Andrew Ker the opportunity to contest top honours with the former winning by only two points.

Section One: D. Richardson 52 points; D. Burgher 42; M. Burgher 38; C. Stevenson, R. Ure 34; J. Smith 32; I. Mckenzie 18.

Section Two: R. Connell 50; G. Ford 38; K. Wilson 28; S. Gaunt, G. Easson, G. Veitch 20; R. Coupek 16; P. McGreal 8.

Section Three: R. Smith 52; A. Ker 50; G. Dalglish 40; R. Kerr 30; D. Whitecross 26; S. Onley 16; J. Sinton 8.

Youths Section: B. Simpson 60; O. Onley 34; D. Easson, F. Veitch 18.