Hot competition in cold conditions


IT WAS a cold evening for the 11 riders who braved the first 10-mile TT held this year. A fast Jim Logan came in in 23 minutes 34seconds for his first race win.

Results: 1, J. Logan 23.34; 2 equal, G. Lawrie and D.Johnston 24.36; 4, S. Mills 24.48; 5, A. Meikle 25.04; 6, B. Lowes 26.30; 7, B. Hamilton 27.08; 8, J. Stark 27.16; 9 equal, T. Lamb and J. Weston 28.22; 11, Charlie Roberts 29.18.


ON MONDAY night, Kelso Wheelers held their first 10-mile time trial of the season on the Birgham course with 16 riders taking part, a good turnout.

It was another close encounter with 12 seconds splitting the top three, David Burgher managed a personal best by a second while brother Mike took the win by a second. It’s looking like it is going to be an exciting season with so many challengers for the top spot and many close battles developing between the other cyclists.

Results: 1, M. Burgher 23 minutes 11 seconds; 2, D. Burgher 23.12; 3, K. Darling 23.24; 4, D. Walker 23.32; 5, J. Smith 24.35; 6, R. Fenwick 25.04; 7, I. McKenzie 25.15; 8, D. Richardson 25.20; 9, K. Wilson 26.05; 10, S. Gaunt 26.07; 11, R. Connell 26.34; 12, J. Gajczak 28.38; 13, R. Smith 30.48; 14 equal, J. Fenwick and I. Fenwick 31.14; 16, A. Martin 33.02.

Next Monday is a two-up on the Birgham course. Sign in before 6pm for a 6.30pm start at Woodside Park.


MEMBERS of Peebles Cycling Club had to wrap-up for the 3C conditions for last week’s time trial at Stobo. Although the riders didn’t have to contend with the snow showers which were evident for most of the day, they still had to battle a strong wind on the return route along Stobo straight.

Ewan Gowrie finished first, no doubt his form aided by a recent cycling trip to Chile. Calum Gray deserves a special mention, finishing in third position in his first 10 mile time trial. Thanks to the time keepers and marshals.

Results: 1, E. Gowrie 25.54; 2, K. Chalmers 26.27; 3, C. Gray 28.19; 4, P. Jardine 28.46; 5, T. Stephen 29.19; 6, K. Davidson 29.31; 7, D. Waterson 30.39; 8, B. Beattie 30.56; 9, T. Arnott 31.57; 10, C. Jardine 32.34; 11, J. Douglas 33.16; 12, F. Gillies 34.08; 13, J. Rowlings 36.06.