Hogg wins Scot Steel

Stock car drivers at the Cowdenbeath Racewall made up for a late start on Saturday evening with an event full of action, writes Jim Turner.

Holly Glen was involved in a big rollover on the pit bend in her formula II, but after major repairs in the pits she was back out racing.

Stephen Forster rode the length of the pit bend wall with his car, but he too was back out although he had to pull off with a breakage.

Barry Russell had a spectacular rollover in his saloon, which landed back on all four wheels.

And there were quite a few shunts and spins in the remainder of the races.

There were 19 formula II drivers at the track, including John Hogg (St Boswells).

Hogg had a good night’s racing, finishing in sixth place in heat one and second in heat two after having led the race until the closing stages.

However, Hogg made no mistake during the final, leading from start to finish and going through to win the Scot Steel final by a considerable margin.

Even when having to start the Grand National with a lap handicap, Hogg charged through the field to finish in sixth place.

This Saturday the formula IIs are back in action, along with the minis and prostox, with the meeting starting at 6pm as usual.