With the end of the season drawing near, the battle is on for positions in the club championship – and it was Gary Robson, classed as a top 10 Scottish rider, who romped home in first place in the 10-Mile TT.

The crusade continues among Ian Pearson, David Johnston, Graeme Lawrie and Simon Mills. On the night David maintained his form to clinch a strong second place, with Ian close on his heels.

It was good to see Bert Hood there with his camera. Bert, a former Gala cyclist, could not believe the changes in technology, but was very happy to see the new kit which was designed from the original one that he himself wore as a young rider.

Meanwhile, a 25-Mile TT last Thursday was held on a dreich night for the Galashiels riders.

But the conditions did not seem to affect David Johnston who lifted his game to overtake Ian Pearson and Graeme Lawrie with metres to go to the finish, crossing the line in an exceptional time of 58.54, his first under the hour in Gala.

Pearson also broke the 60-minute mark with a marvellous display of determination to secure second place in 59.56.

There are only a couple of races left to the end of the season, so it is still all to play for.

10-Mile TT results: 1, G. Robson 21.42; 2, D. Johnston 23.07; 3, I. Pearson 23.42; 4, S. Mills 24.18; 5, G. Lawrie 24.27; 6, B. Hamilton 25.45; 7, B. Lowes 25.55; 8, R. Hope 26.13; 9, G. Bell; 26.33; S. Lowes and B. Watson DNF.

25-Mile TT results: 1, D. Johnston 58.54; 2, I. Pearson 59.56; 3, G. Lawrie 61.01; 4, S. Mills 62.41; 5, B. Hamilton 65.05; 6, B. Lowes 67.10; B. Watson DNF.


KENNY Darling completed the double this week as he claimed Wheelers’ two time trials.

The first, a 20-mile event on Sunday with nine riders, also saw Ian McKenzie record the only personal best time in wet conditions.

The next day, a 10-mile time trial was held on the Birgham course in near-perfect conditions. Out of 19 riders, there were five PBs, but it was Darling who won again.

20-Mile TT results: 1, K. Darling 45.21; 2, J. Smith 46.54; 3, M. Burgher 47.07; 4, D. Burgher 48.23; 5. I. McKenzie 48.34 PB; 6, R. Ure 49.33; 7, D. Richardson 50.48; 8, K. Wilson 54.36; 9, A. Ker 63.16.

10-Mile TT: 1, K. Darling 22.25; 2, M. Burgher 22.47; 3, D. Walker 23.07; 4, J. Smith 23.12; 5, David Burgher 23.13 PB; 6, R. Ure 24.00 PB; 7, I. McKenzie 24.10 PB; 8, C. Stevenson 24.12; 9, D. Richardson 25.08; 10, K. Wilson 25.18; 11, G. Easson 26.18; 12, J. Gayzcak 26.23 PB; 13, R. Connell 27.19; 14, F. McColl 27.38; 15, J. Blythe 28.05 PB; 16, A. MacLean 28.46; 17, R. Smith 29.34; 18, A. Ker 30.07.

Next week sees a 10-mile time trial up on the Birgham course – sign in at Woodside Park no later than 6pm for 6.30pm start.