RIVALRY continued between Graeme Lawrie and David Johnston as they fought for pole position in last week’s 10-mile TT, with Graeme beating David by five seconds in a time of 23.33.

Other results: 2, D. Johnston 23.38; 3, S. Mills 23.57; 4, I. Pearson 24.14; 5, S. Purves 24.45; 6, S. Lowes 25.00; 7, B. Hamilton 25.25; 8, B. Lowes 25.53; 9, J. Cross 29.29.

Next race is a 25-mile TT tonight at Langshaw Road at 7pm. The Gala Cycling Sportive is on July 3, departing at 8am.

Visit www.galacc.co.uk for further information on all events.


Wheelers held their continental hill climb on the Hume course on Monday night when 17 riders took part, nine recording personal best times. Guest rider Tommy Murray climbed to victory in 15.37.

Other results: 2, J. Smith 16.21; 3, C. Stevenson 16.39; 4, M. Burgher 17.33pb; 5, I. McKenzie 17.35pb; 6, D. Richardson 17.42pb. 7, S. Guant 18.25pb. 8, G. Easson 18.59pb; 9, R. Connell 19.17; 10, R. Ure 19.57pb; 11, J. Gayzcak 20.31; 12, D. Blythe 20.46; 13, G. Dalglish 20.55pb; 14, A. Ker 22.33; 15, J. Blythe 22.42pb; 16, R. Smith 24.41; 17, D. Whitecross 25.35pb.

Next week sees a 10-mile trial on the Birgham course – sign in at Woodside Park no later than 6.30pm.