Hawick out of Murgitroyd

DUMFRIES were the visitors to Buccleuch Park on Friday night where they saw off their hosts with a 90-run victory in the semi-final of the Murgitroyd Borders 20/20 knockout competition.


S. Beveridge, c E. Hair b Macdougall 53

C. Breetzke, c Anderson b Baillie 5

D. Dawson, run out 32

D. Davidson, b Moffat 6

T. McBride, c MacTaggart b Moffat 23

F. Howard, c Moffat b Storey 14

D. Brotherstone, not out 3

Extras 6

Total for 6 142

Hawick and Wilton

A. Moffat, c Davidson b Alexander 3

N. Storey, c Dawson b McCutcheon 6

B. Hartop, b McCutcheon 12

P. Mactaggart, b Howard 0

A. Weir, c Brotherston b Howard 0

B. Mactaggart, c S. Alexander b Brotherston 20

R. Anderson, c Davidson b McCutcheon 0

E. Hair, c N. Alexander b Brotherston 3

G. Baillie, c R. McBride b Brotherston 1

S. Hair, c R. McBride b T. McBride 1

C. Macdougall, not out 2

Extras 4

Total all out 52