Hawick club widen gap

WITH only four games left to play in the store-age.org.uk Borders Snooker League Hawick Conservative Club, are almost out of sight following a victory over their closest rivals last week.

Results: Hawick Con A 4 Hawick Burns A 2; Innerleithen 4 Selkirk A 2; Border Club 5 Hawick Con B 1; Hawick Burns B 3 Jedburgh Legion 3; Selkirk B 4 St Boswells 2.

League Standings: 1, Hawick Con A 75; 2, Hawick Burns A 63; 3, Hawick Burns B 57; 4, Border Club 54; 5, Jed Legion 48; 6, Selkirk A 46; 7, Selkirk B 30; 8, St Boswells 29; 9, Hawick Con B 26; 10, Innerleithen 22.

Elsewhere, the qualifying rounds for the Hawick Burns Club-sponsored Border Snooker Pairs competition was taking place around the region.

Competitors played in a straight knock-out competition with games being the best of three frames.

Group stage winners: Venue 1 (Jed Legion), R. Bell and D. Halfpenny; Venue 2 (Selkirk Conservative Club), G. Kinnear and A. Hogg; Venue 3 (Hawick Burns Club), L. McAllister and M. Riddel; Venue 4 (Hawick Conservative Club), D. Amos and D. Clark.

Winners of each venue go through to the semifinal/finals day at Hawick Burns Club, on Sunday, March 24, noon for 12.30pm start, dress code applies, best of five frames.