Good start

LOCAL vaulting groups had a very successful start to the season at Kingsbarn, Falkirk.

For the Reivers Vaulting Group, Shannon Purves recorded her first individual win, on board Aspen Delikat, lunged by Rebecca Hewit. She did a good set of compulsories in the junior female section, followed by a solid freestyle routine. Close second was team-mate Stacey Macpherson.

In the junior male section, C. J. Bell finished third on board Silver Horizon, lunged by Julie Purves.

The under-14 female individual class saw a debut win for Gabrielle Purves in the class and ,after a last-minute change of horse, Sophie Aitchison put in a good all-round performance to finish in second place on Bart Simpson, lunged by Hewit.

In the male division Charlie Lochhead on Silver Horizon, lunged by Julie Purves, finished third.

For Scottish Borders Vaulters, Sam Kyle, vaulting on Zigourney and lunged by Jill Kyle, came second in the under-14 boys.

New horse Gaby and Lucy Younger took third in the under-14 girls. Lucy and Izzy Kyle spectacularly won their pairs class.

Two novice teams made the trip with Sam Corson, Eilidh Steel, Kate Horne, Karrie Petty, Lia Graham and Minta Younger, vaulting on Green Ash, lunged by Margie Younger and Hannah Knox, taking third spot. In the hotly contested individual canter, Karrie Petty took second with Minta Younger third.