Good sports Hull shells out to Braidwood’s top guns

Jim Somerville collects his High Gun prize from Mike Haw of Hull Cartridge Company
Jim Somerville collects his High Gun prize from Mike Haw of Hull Cartridge Company

On Sunday, Braidwood hosted the Hull Cartridge Company 100 Registered South of Scotland Sporting Championship.

Fortunately, earlier predictions of miserable wet weather proved off-beam and the whole event went off without a drop.

Eighty-nine guns faced the challenge of the 10-stand course set by ground owner, Jim Black.

The verdict? Good targets, with the exception of number six which had most stumped. Edith Barnes (Crieff) was the top lady shot of the day, and Alex Brown (Newtongrange) shared the top score on 7 ex-10.

The signature high pheasant on number one was elevated, presenting a midi with standard on report. Jim Brodie (Denholm) was one of only two guns to clean the stand all day.

Two A-class guns, Jim Somerville and Tony Maher, topped the leaderboard on 84 ex-100, but as Maher couldn’t wait till the end to take part in a shoot-off, Somerville was crowned high gun, collecting his share of the purse together with 750 shells donated by Hull. In his absence, runner-up Maher, was awarded winner of the class and 500 shells.

Braidwood regular Stuart Donaldson (Musselburgh) shot 83 to retain the South Area Trophy and top AA.

Darren Owen also shot 83, but had left the ground early to travel north, avoiding the need for a shoot-off to determine the outcome.

B class and 250 Hull cartridges for highest veteran score fell to Roy McCowan (Gretna) who broke 80.

Once again, the highest score was shared by John Petrie, who had also left the ground to travel north.

Visiting from Ayrshire, Billy Paton had the highest score in C class, breaking 73 just a single point ahead of Melanie Thomson (Loanhead). Nigel Rock (Kelso) took third place on 71.

Although there was no money at stake for those shooting birds only, in recognition of their support to the event, 250 Super Fast cartridges were also awarded to the highest gun Andy Gach (North Berwick), who was also the top-scoring junior of the day on 81.

This meant that the club’s annual all round event was postponed until this Sunday with the next 80 sporting a week later on Sunday, May 20.

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