Good, could have been better

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ALAN LINDSAY came back from a lengthy injury break to win Ettrick Forest Archers’ monthly target shoot on Sunday.

Elaine Pearson took the ladies’ class and sole junior Sam Mackay beat several of the seniors.

Members shot an Albion round, with three dozen arrows each at 80, 60 and 50 yards.

Scoring at 80yds was a bit hit and miss, mostly miss, but William Good did manage a couple of golds on one end and could well have shot himself into the club’s history books with a perfect end, if only he remembered to fire his third arrow.

Results: Gents – 1, Alan Lindsay 65 hits, 315 score, 7 golds; 2, Mike Pearson 55, 239, 5; 3, Douglas Anderson 52, 204, 2; 4, William Good 34, 134, 3; 5, Kevin Janiak 32, 136, 3; 6, Jim Craig 26, 74, 0. Ladies – Elaine Pearson 58 hits, 264 score, 5 golds; Ev Craig 24, 84, 0. Juniors – Sam Mackay 41, 131, 3.

It all should be good practice for this Saturday’s BLBS Albion shoot at Culzean Castle, while the club hosts the BLBS Harvest Clout at Thirladean on the Sunday. First arrows at 11am, spectators welcome.