Garry’s top of the class

DUNS driver Garry Pearson finished sixth overall and first in his class following the fourth and fifth rounds of the Dulux Trade BRC Challenge in Ulster.

On Garry’s first visit to Ireland, his diminutive 1,000cc Nissan Micra beat many more powerful cars, some succumbing to the conditions.

In the fifth round, Pearson soon realised that his trouble-free run of the previous day wasn’t going to be repeated as half-way through the first stage he endured gear selection problems, but still managed to hold the class lead.

Easing off over the next stage, he nursed the car back to service where the bad news from the crew was that the engine mountings had stripped their threads. A temporary repair was carried out whereby the engine mountings were wedged to stop the movement of the gearbox with the instructions to the driver to be easy letting the clutch out.

Garry managed to maintain his position to the finish and returned to the podium.

The points gained over the two events has moved Garry up to fifth overall and his co-driver Laura Marshall from Newton Stewart up to fourth.