Garry finds the French connection

Duns driver Garry Pearson stepped up a gear in the fourth round of the French Peugeot 208 Rally Cup - Rallye Terre de l’Auxerrois, to roar into third position.

With Niall Burns (from Ireland) on the notes the team are now in seventh overall in the Championship after three stages.

This is Garry’s first attempt at this Championship, which differs from all British Events as the format is one slow reconnaissance drive through the stages to write your own pace notes, but with no drive-through to check them.

On the last stage of Day One Pearson’s AFC Peugeot 208 R2 punctured and he dropped over a minute back to 7th Peugeot Cup/15th Overall. The next day however, Pearson was rewarded with his first ever Fastest Stage Time in the Cup – no small feat considering there are 24 plus of these cars and very motivated drivers chasing the prize money.

Although Garry and Niall had no starter motor for the last two stages they managed to complete them without stalling.