Gala take 220-run drubbing

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DESPITE the absence of several first teamers, Gala remained hopeful of booking a place in round two of the SCU Trophy.

Baking heat, a lightning-quick outfield and a hard wicket meant that the coin toss was key. Unfortunately for Gala, skipper Stephen Halls lost the toss and unsurprisingly Hillhead skipper Sachin Chaudary elected to bat.

Hillhead’s openers looked aggressive from the outset but the young Gala bowlers were up to the challenge, finding the edge several times and inducing some false stokes. Unfortunately, none of them went to hand and the Glasgow men were off to a flyer.

The introduction of spin from both ends slowed the run-rate dramatically but breakthrough still eluded the Borderers.

Alam (72) and Foster (75) batted well with Neil Crooks and Josh Irvine taking the wickets. Irvine bowled Foster with a slower ball and Boland took a fantastic catch to dismiss Alam.

This brought professional Sachin Chaudary to the crease alongside Burns. He looked to increase the tempo and gave a couple of chances which weren’t taken. He raced to 52 before king of comebacks, Davie Ormiston, intervened and got the key wicket.

Burns then drove Irvine straight at mid-wicket for his second wicket. The innings fizzled out without further incident to 272-4 from the 50 overs.

Gala’s innings started disastrously as they lost both openers Stephen Halls and Boland for three. The innings never recovered and the away side stuttered to a mere 52 with only Graeme Ormiston and Josh Irvine reaching double figures.


M. Alam, c Boland b Crooks 72

D. Foster, b Irvine 75

S. Chaudary, st Millar b Ormiston 52

G. Burns, c Ormiston b Irvine 31

S. Hart, not out 11

H. Acher, not out 5

Extras 26

Total for 4 272


S. Halls, c Alam b Yadau 3

D. Boland, run out 3

J. Irvine, b Yadau 10

N. Crooks, b Arthur 0

G. Ormiston, b Alam 10

D. Millar, c Foster b Yadau 1

R. Hancock, c Hart b Alam 5

K. Paterson lbw b Alam 0

R. Patterson, not out 6

R. Pringle, run out 0

D. Ormiston, b Alam 2

Extras 12

Total all out 52