Gala forced to concede 20/20, but keep title hopes burning


Gala beat RHC II by 7 wickets


YET again, Gala’s attempt to play their Murgitroyd 20/20 Cup Regional Final against Dumfries at Meigle Park was cancelled due to poor ground conditions, resulting in the club conceding the tie.

With the Murgitroyd Finals Day fast approaching and the regional section still not complete, not to mention a backlog of other postponed fixtures, the club felt that this was the only way to prevent further delay in the national competition.

The rearranged fixture should have taken place on Friday night, while the Border 20/20 Cup tie against Selkirk, due to take place on Thursday evening, was also postponed because of the same problems affecting Philiphaugh.

Come Saturday, however, the sun was out and Gala were at last back in league action as bottom of the table RHC 2nd XI came calling to a still slightly soggy Meigle Park.

The RHC side arrived with only eight players and, but for a brief flurry from Moore opening the innings, were unable to provide much resistance.

Moore’s aggression saw the visitors open at a rate of four an over, and necessitate the early, and successful, introduction of Graeme Ormiston, as Ingle paddled the Gala spinner straight to Robbie Pringle.

Ormiston then made the crucial breakthrough when, after beating Moore several times, the left-hander at last connected with a big swing, only to send the ball high to Scott Paterson, who held a good catch at long-off.

The visitors’ scoring rate plummeted as the Gala bowlers kept a tight grip on proceedings while picking up regular wickets. Neil Crooks had F. West caught by David Boland in the covers before K. West and Ward decided to occupy the crease rather than take on the bowling. Rory Hancock eventually made the breakthrough when West chipped to Crooks at midwicket and Ormiston returned to remove Clarkson.

Pickles showed some intent before driving Josh Irvine to Boland, and the innings ended when a poor call left Ward high and dry as Josh Irvine threw down the stumps.

Gala got off to a poor start when Boland aimed a wild swing at the third ball of the second over and was bowled by Ingle for one. This wicket only added to the RHC troubles though, as it brought Irvine to the crease, who proceeded to dominate the visiting bowling attack, playing some thumping drives while punishing anything short.

Stevie Halls was happy to play second fiddle to the youngster, but will be frustrated to have missed a full toss, being bowled by West for 17 with the score on 58. Irvine continued on his merry way, though, taking the Gala score up to 79 before playing on to Moore one short of a half century. The Gala youngster’s innings had included five boundaries on a slow outfield, and taken only 36 balls. Ormiston and Crooks then saw the home side past their target in the 16th over without further mishap.

RHC 2nd XI Innings

A. Moore, c Paterson b Ormiston 29

R. Ingle, c Pringle b Ormiston 6

K. West, c Crooks b Hancock 14

F. West, c Boland b Crooks 11

A. Ward, run out 9

C. Clarkson, b Ormiston 2

T. Pickles, c Boland b Irvine 9

A. Urquhart, not out 1

Extras 10

Total for 7 91


S. Halls, b West 17

D. Boland, b Ingle 1

J. Irvine, b Moore 49

G. Ormiston, not out 10

N. Crooks, not out 9

Extras 8

Total for 3 94