From A to B, Peebles girls are a different class

Peebles High School B 34

Hawick High School A 15

Peebles High School A 44

Berwickshire High School A 12


With the Aitken Turnbull Border Netball Under-13 league completed in January, the Under-15 league reached the semi-final stage last weekend, with the matches played in Earlston.

Both of Peebles’ squads made the semi-finals, with Hawick and Berwickshire HS teams determined to prevent an all-Peebles final.

However, despite Peebles losing their home advantage – the Gytes being unable to offer any court time for the matches to be played – they were at their very best.

Up first was Peebles B v Hawick A.

The Teries started well, with strong attacking moves, but their opponents were faster at interceptions, punishing any loose play, and speedily taking the ball back into their attacking third.

Hawick did not get the chance to flow and the final scoreline was an accurate representation of ball possession.

The second match of the day saw Peebles A taking on BHS A. With several of the Peebles squad heading off at the end of the week to play against the Republic of Ireland in friendly matches, the players were fired up for a good workout. And they did not disappoint, with a tremendous display of athleticism showing why this team has not lost a match this entire season.

It was Peebles’ overall teamwork which won the match, their solid and confident moves reflecting an organised and supportive team which deserved the convincing victory.

The all-Peebles final means that the inaugural Aitken Turnbull Under-15 title will clearly go to the Peebles club and it looks like Peebles B will have their work cut out to prevent a runaway victory for their clubmates.

The plate final semi-finals have also been played, with wins for Earlston A and BHS B, both hoping to be the first to have their names engraved on the silverware generously donated by the sponsor.

The Aikten Turnbull Border league final and plate final will be played at the Gytes in Peebles on Sunday from 11.45am. Spectators welcome.

Peebles A: Nicola Berthlesen, Nikki Pettitt, Susanne Krabbendam, Neve McLean, Alison Mackinnon, Courteney Dobson, Mhairi Jackson, Niamh Cannon, Kerry Troup.

Peebles B: Gemma Gass, Sarah Hudson, Alex Pender, Alana Craigmile, Simone Bailey, Emma Axon, Kerri Dow, Rowan Espie, Anna Miller, Shevaun Smith, Maisie Farer.